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How to Add a Subscribe Button to YouTube Videos? (Guaranteed to increase your subscribers)

Midlife is not the time to be afraid of the future, it is the time to get excited about the new prospects that life will bring.                  - Middle Life is Beautiful I am a proud midlife Mom! I have a usual desk job, but a few years back as I celebrated my golden year, I decided to live my life to the fullest.  For me to live my life to the fullest, is to be a brave soul and venture on other career paths, engage in new hobbies, go travel to other parts of the world that would add zest to my midlife years. I created my blog from scratch and started writing articles about a woman's journey in her midlife stage. I also created my YouTube Channel even though, I don't really know how to vlog and edit my own videos. I would watch videos over the internet on how to edit videos so I can improve and enhance my YT Channel.  Another challenge is how to have subscribers! I found a way on how one can multiply their subscribers and I want to share it with you also.


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