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How to Overcome Stress in your Life

Can't sleep?Irritated?Bad mood?Bellyache?Sweating?Well, those I mentioned are clear symptoms that you are deeply stressed. Cheer up, you're not alone, everybody gets stressed every now and then. Simply being caught in traffic would stress even a gentle soul! I'd like to act as a life guru and brag "be like me, I don't feel stress and neither should you"! But that is far from the truth, in fact, these past few days I've been going through a lot of stress and I feel a bit desolate because of it.
Yes, I feel stress, I feel desolate but one thing I don't feel is that I don't feel hopeless. I am full of hope. I know in my heart and mind that it is only temporary and it too shall pass.
Why am I full of hope? It is because, as I look back, what I thought was a big problem, was a big hurdle, was not without a solution. I felt like I was David facing my Goliath but as small and puny was David against the formidable Goliath, the former defeated the latter …

eBook: How to Age Gracefully in Midlife

Do you find yourselfwondering how tocope up with the midlife stage?

In this book, you will learn how to live longer, how to cope up with an empty nest and discover how you can reinvent yourself in the other half of your life.

I wrote this book to inspire women like me that midlife is a culmination of a new beginning and the rediscovery of who we are.

So turn the page and begin NOWyour journey in midlife!

Want to live a wonderful midlife?
Get your free Ebook How to Age Gracefully in Midlifeand enjoy your journey to midlife!


Health Insurance for Midlife

Health is wealth. It is very important to take care of our health regardless of age. More so for midlife people. It is in this phase of our life, we become vulnerable to illness like hypertension, diabetes, even going through the various stages of menopausal may bring us to make appointments with our doctors. Medical treatments are costly and this article is about how we can alleviate the burden of shouldering steep medical expenses. 

We need an insurance plan to cushioned us from expensive medical expenses that we will incur if we need to attend to our medical needs. We have two options that we can avail to address our financial concerns about our medical needs.
The 2 options available are:
1. Private health insurance 2. PhilHealth programme
Private health insurance is widely available and it can be very expensive. If you are still active in the workforce, your company may have provided their employees with health care insurance. The premium may either be paid 100% by the company or it wi…

Nivea Creme: Household Staple

Who doesn't have the blue tin of Nivea Creme in their dressing table? Almost everyone else on this planet has grown up using Nivea creme in their household and it's no wonder because Nivea Creme has been around for more than 100 years. See the original packaging of Nivea Creme in 1911.

Traffic Blues

"Time stood still" is an apt description as one experienced traffic in the Philippines. I live outside of Metro Manila, but the traffic is the same as in EDSA. Everywhere there are diggings along the road, I am for improvement and development of infrastructure but I also wish that the areas to be dug had been studied further so that alternative routes can be taken that commuters can use.

Today I am 44 minutes late for work. But, I wasn't cranky or irritated. Usually, this heavy traffic ruins my day and left me out of sorts. What made this day different from other days, I am caught in traffic? Nothing really, in fact, it was even raining. I don't like rainy days, it makes me feel blue and somewhat lethargic. It makes me want to crawl back in bed and lampooned myself under the bed covers.
So what made this day differently? I decided to just enjoy the day, that simple. We usually complicate things by making mountains out of molehills. We want to make ourself angry abou…