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What is Your Major Stress in Life?

What is your major stress in life? A few nights back, while queuing in a drive thru, my kids & I were talking about our personalities. We’re making fun of ourselves, and had a good laugh about it. On a serious side, I blurted out that I was a people pleaser. I wanted people to like me, and yes, it has been a major source of stress for me. It has been that way for me. I want to please my parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, bosses, co workers, hubby, kids, etc. I feel disappointment in myself, if I perceive that I don’t come up to their expectations. I feel ashamed of myself, if I deemed that I fail my children, whether imagined or not. These negative feeling does take a toll on my wellbeing. It took years learning this feeling of inadequacy, so it also took years to unlearn it. It is only through God’s mercy and love,  that I am able to accept myself, love myself. It is only through God’s unconditional love, that I am able to say, that  I  AM  ENOUGH.  I am a work in progress,

Quick Fx No Shine Mattifier Review: Holy Grail for Oily Skin

I have oily skin and I've been battling with oily skin almost my whole life! Here's the good news to women with oily skin at 45+. Oily skins tends to age much better than dry skins. But the downside is, oily skins are prone to breakouts and make up slides off easily especially in warm weathers.

That's what riles me with having oily skin, even at my age at 50+, I would have acne breakout, usually along the triangle part of my face. In my experience, I think pimple breakout affected me more as I reached 40 than when I was in my teens or in my 20s. So I make sure to stick to my skincare routine daily especially in the evenings which consist of cleaning, toning and moisturizing.

I came across with the product Quick Fx No Shine Mattifier, a few years back but I was not interested to use it prolly because I'm using another product  as primer for my skin. These past few months, I've been reading and seeing a lot about it in the internet so when I was shopping at Watsons for my facial needs and saw this item in one of the racks, I just took one piece and dump it in my basket with the rest of my finds! I didn't even bother to look at the exact price, what I know is, it is cheap based from what I read.

So here goes my review for this popular product.

Product Name:   Quick Fx No Shine                                      Mattifier
Net wt:                   10g
Price:                      Php 99.00

Benefits: Absorbs oil to control shine for a smooth, matte finish, conceals fine lines and pores for visibly radiant skin instantly.

How to use:

To use under make up: Apply to freshly -cleaned skin. Pat on problem areas and use your finger tips to blend the cream on skin.

To use over make up: Pat on lightly over makeup and blend for smoother complexion and more radiant looking skin.

To reapply: If pores or lines appear, apply delicately on problem areas over makeup and blend. The light weight formula refines complexion.

Before use: The packaging looks very neat, it is travel friendly because of its compact size plus it has a resealable cap to make it spill proof.

During use: What I did was, I use the product under my make up and used it as a primer. I squeeze a pea size at the top of my hand and it looks firm not watery. As I applied it on my face, it feels powdery and as I pat it gently all over my face my skin feels satin smooth and has a matte look.

During my lunch break, I retouch my make up a bit by applying just a small amount of the product by dotting it along my nose, forehead and cheeks. But I noticed my skin was not oily as it used to be before using this product. My skin is really very oily and in between I would reapply baby powder over my face because the latter has a lighter feel on my face compared if I will touch up with facial powder.

Final Verdict: I arrived home and it is 6 hours after my last touch up with Quick FX. There's a bit of shine along my nose, forehead and cheeks (these are the oiliest part of my face) but I love Quick Fx, it really lived to its promise that it will control shine for a smooth, matte finish and your skin will visibly radiate instantly.

Recommendations In a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest, I highly recommend it and rate it  5 stars. At the price of Php 99.00, this product is really very cheap compared to other primers with heavy price tags but with the same benefits as Quick Fx No Shine Mattifier.

Quick Fx No Shine Mattifier is a product made in Korea so it is no wonder it delivers what it promises because Korea is presently worldwide known as the land of oppas and unnies with perfectly smooth and glowing skin!

Have you used this product my midlife sisters? Or would you like to try it too? Do comment below of your experience with this product.

Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time. God bless.


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