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A Rainbow After the Storm

Photo courtesy of PEXELS
Northern Luzon, Philippines was battered by Typhoon Ompong (international name: Mangkhut) one day ago. It was considered by forecasters as the strongest typhoon to hit our country this year, so far. Typhoon Ompong, left the Philippine area of responsibility (PAR), a few hours ago leaving great devastation to our land. It left tremendous damage to our crops, fields, houses, properties, buildings and infrastructures. But as early as today, the national and local government are preparing to rebuild what was lost in this nature induced destruction. Filipinos, are known for our resiliency. Many natural calamities had devastated our land, but our people had time and time again, bounced back and stood stable on our feet in the ground.

It brought to my mind the story of Noah in the bible. For 40 days & nights, it rained so hard, the whole earth was flooded. They stayed safe inside the ark and when they finally disembarked from the ark, Noah built an altar and gave thanks to the Lord. In turn, the Lord promised him, that He will never destroy the world again by means of flood and he put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise.

I remembered my own parents, how they remained steadfast and faithful to the Lord when our family had experienced darkest times too. My father, even in his advanced age at that time, struggled to provide for our family, while my mother continued to care for us. I never heard or saw them even once lost faith in the Lord. I was already in my late teens back then and was in turmoil why this was happening to our family. I don't want to see my family suffering and in my own corner, I, too, am crying to the Lord, to spare us from this personal devastation.

The Lord heard the prayers of my family, and in just an instant, he restored the wealth of the family. In his miraculous way, he pulled out our whole family from the mire, we had sunk in. Like Job, in the Bible, my parents recovered, what they had lost and because of their unwavering faith to the Lord, He blessed them a hundredfold after that personal storm. My beloved Daddy and Mommy, died a year after each other. Their love for each other was that deep and pure that they can't be without the other, even in heaven. Daddy and Mommy died, a happy death, and we children knew they lived a full life. They died, with the knowledge God loves them, for they had been prepared spiritually by receiving the last sacrament and financially as well, for they had prepared for their own burial.

At present, I honor my parents, by never wavering in my faith in the Lord, too. In times of troubles, I always go back to that dark experience of our family and learned from it also. And yes, there is a rainbow after the storm!

Do you have a rainbow after the storm story, too? Please share it below and let it inspire other people.

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Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time. God bless.



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