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Hong Kong DIY Budget Tour ( at Php 14,780.00 only)

"I'm too poor to travel or I can't afford to travel". These are the common gripes of people who want to travel or heard of other people travelling to another town, city or country. It is common to hear remarks like "travelling is for rich people only". Maybe, you're like me who wants to see the world but at the same time afraid or hesitant to spend because there are bills to pay, needs of the kids to see through, other financial matters to take care of, so travelling has to take a back seat. And maybe, just maybe, this mindset has been there all these years and the idea of travelling is just a dream. There's nothing wrong of putting first the needs of our families but there is nothing wrong too if we want to make come true our secret dreams. Now if we are in our midlife, and still we delay these dreams when do we finally let our dream come to fruition. If we delay long enough, maybe the reason to not push through with it is that of health reasons li…

My Hermione Bag

What women don't forget to bring when they go out is a bag. We need a bag to hold the stuff we need, like a wallet or coin purse, a compact & a lipstick, a pack of tissue & we're good to go. Generally, there are two types of bag women use: 1. a small hand bag, enough to carry our basic essentials. 2. a large bag, big enough to hold all our staff.

The bag I bring is the second one, I can't do without a big bag. Not only is it big, but heavy as well, that it encumbers my movements. If I am walking between aisles, say in a drug store, I have to walk sideways so as not to bump the items on the racks. If I'm in a jeepney ( a public transport) I have to sit it in my lap sideways too, or else it will get in the way of the passenger besides me.While walking, it will slow me down, because it's heavy.

What in heaven's sake  is inside your bag that it is too heavy to tote around (you may ask)? My bag is a Hermione bag. "A what?" A Hermione bag. "Is …


I came home from work and my new passport on the coffee table welcomed me home. I excitedly reached for it and half reclining on the sofa, opened it to see how I look in the photo. The woman I saw has wrinkles along the forehead, crow lines along the eyes, drooping cheekbones, double chin, dry lips. She looked elderly and worn out. The joy of seeing my new passport was replaced with gloominess and sadness. The full brunt of ageing hit me hard that day, this is the truth of being fifty. Several changes happen to a woman, not only the physical changes like having wrinkles, gaining weight, either at the top or on the bottom, in the middle or all together (choose where you fall in), women have to struggle with premenopause, menopause and perimenopause. The big M is a sensitive topic but I know there are women out there who is going through or has gone through this phase too.

On the early stage of my premenopause, I would experience hot flashes and these happen during daytime unlike what I…

"Love is like a Butterfly"

I was in Sunny Bay Station in HongKong waiting for the train to transfer to Disneyland Resort line when I saw a brown butterfly hovering around me. Flitting to and fro, when it just popped in my head to say to that butterfly, "Daddy if that's you, please come to me, touch me". Then that brown butterfly came flying towards me and landed gently on my left leg. I teared up a bit and suffice to say I miss my father very much. That butterfly stayed right there in my leg until the train arrived and I have to board that train. I told hubby, "look, Daddy is here, maybe he's happy that I'm here in another country for a vacation and not to work".

Maybe, some of you are wondering, what has that butterfly got to do with my father who is obviously resting in peace. You see in our family we somehow associate the brown butterfly with my long reposed father. During his burial, we saw a brown butterfly hovering by and my mother said: that's your Daddy. So after that…

Life is like a tastes sweet

Everyone has a doughnut story and this is mine.

Mmmmm...yummy in my tummy!That doughnut is drooling delicious and I want it! A single doughnut packs at 230-420 calories. You have to drink coffee or cola with it to make your day and a coffee cup with milk & sugar clocks in at 30 calories while a 12 ounce cola clocks in at 140 calories. So there goes that sweet looking doughnut, au revoir, hasta la vista,good bye. I love doughnuts and my fave partner to go with it is coffee. But since my stint with the dreaded S (stroke), I have to forsake it!

Now comes my boy, handing me a box, the drooling delish doughnuts! This is for me? And he goes, "yes Mommy" why give me a box of doughnuts? he says it's mother's day, happy mother's day, Mommy! Aaaahh! I'm blown away, I feel emotional, very mommy like. All I can say was "thank you 'jay". But then the sister chimes in, it's not yet Mother's day, it's next Sunday! My son, sheepishly fired back,…

Middle life is beautiful?

Palpitation, tightening of the chest, severe headache, blurring vision, numbness in my left arm... I am experiencing them all... Help. I'm having a stroke!

A few months back, this is the scenario, while I was in the office. From the time I woke up, I have this mother of a headache, but I continue with my morning routine before going to the office. I took my maintenance medicine for my hypertension and off I went to work. On the way, I recited my rosary in silence, offering my prayers for my family and day's work. A headache was still there even when I arrived at work. That day I have a report to present to our company's President so I was immediately busy preparing my reports. When my boss arrived, he immediately saw me and in a jolly mood asked me "game na Mel", to which I replied, "wait, Boss, am still printing my reports". But as I was all flustered up printing, I was wobbling on my feet, which I am trying hard not to mind much because my mind is on t…

About Myself

Hi! My name is Meland this is my blog. I am a 50 something wife and mother to four grown-up kids. I am currently working as a Cost Accountant in a manufacturing industry. Read on to learn more about me and why this blog is a testament that midlife is beautiful.
Midlife is the age between 45 to 65 years of age, the stage between early adulthood and old age. Does it mean that if we fall between these ageswe are “old” or does the adage “age is just a number” is indeed a fact? We can’t stop the years rolling by but like many other women, I would like to grow old gracefully. By gracefully, I mean to be able to continue to work, enjoy life by being able to travel on short vacations, watch movies, dine, enjoy good food with my family. I want to take care of myself, my health, how I look, the way I dress.

This blog is about inspiring & empowering women in the midlife bracket, seeing that there are few blogs catering to these demographics, I mustered enough courage to put up a blog where mi…