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Learn the Art of Saying No

To avoid these fears you concocted in your mind it is easier then to just say YES. YES is another short letter word which connotes positivity. When does a YES become a deterrent to a person's emotional growth? It is when saying YES means you are not being true to your self on what you really feel or believe in and it does not resonate with the values you held in high esteem.
Do you oftentimes hear your self apologizing again and again even if there is nothing to apologize with? Take this instance, you are to meet your friend for lunch, but you arrived 10 minutes late. You are embarrassed that your friend has to wait for 10 minutes for you so you apologized and say " I'm late because I was caught in traffic". That's all right because your friend deserves an explanation why you're tardy for the lunch date but if you keep on apologizing the whole time you're eating then there is something wrong with that. It is not a simple regret of being late for your lunch…