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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Early this morning I was tending a pot of plant and it was blooming with flowers. I was watering it and the famous phrase "bloom where you are planted" popped into my mind. Now, as we midlife women trudged on the other half of our life, we too can bloom or rather continue to bloom and achieve to age gracefully in midlife.

Never let anything or anyone let us think otherwise. A week back during one of our coffee breaks, the topic of age was blurted out. Some are hesitant to mention their age, there are banterings of age guessing, while I, proudly said aloud, I am 52. I added, if you didn't reach that age, you're probably 6 feet below the ground.

That conversation somehow touched a dismal chord in me. Not because, I was insecure about my age, quite the opposite, in fact, I am proud of my age, but it is brought by the realization that younger people do value youth.

While it's only a passing musing of heralding youth, I want to bring forth that indeed life begins once again at 50. The first half of our life, started at birth followed by childhood, puberty, adulthood, menopausal and the last stage before the passing of life. If you keep your self fit and healthy, present medical researches show that one can live until 85 years of age or longer.

Whether you're a stay at home mom, work at home mom, an employee or a businesswoman, you can be successful in your chosen field. Each field has its own duties & responsibilities to adhere with. A stay at home mom does not have a lesser value compared with women who are working or has a business of their own. Stay at home moms are not inferior to women who are earning a living because these women are full-time mothers to their kids and most of the time they help with the bills by keeping side jobs like tutoring or selling different items.

Midlife women face many trials and have undergone the ups and downs in life. We have seen the different facets of life, the joys, peals of laughter and tears that life has offered. Midlife women have the wisdom lacking forth in young people because of the various people and experiences we encountered through the years. Wisdom does indeed come with age because it is measured through time.

Many women have reinvented themselves in midlife. Laura Ingall Wilders published her first book when she was 65 years old. Vera Wang designed her first dress when she was 40, Anna Mary Robertson known also as Grandma Moses, had her first big break in painting when she was 78 and Susan Boyle, started her full-time singing career when at 47, she auditioned at Britain's Got Talent. These are just a few women who are late bloomers and became successful in their later years. For sure before their successes, they had encountered many trials and setbacks but these did not stop them in pursuing their dreams. They have these never give up attitude shared by less famous women who became successful in their midlife years.

If you are in the midst of trials right now, remain steadfast, ask for help or advise from family and friends. Don't be afraid to open up and be open-minded to their bits of advice. Don't rush with your decisions, continue to grow by learning from your mistakes, flourish by being not afraid to reinvent yourself in midlife. Remain faithful to God and you will see the purpose behind your trials. It may be to strengthen you to help your family, to deepen your relationship with the Lord or it may be to give comfort and be a blessing to others.

Bloom where you are planted.

Have you any stories to share how in the midst of trials you flourished and bloomed where you are planted?

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Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time. God bless.



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