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Photographs and Memories that Forever Remain in our Hearts

Photographs and memories...are all I have to remember you. - Jim Croce

Photo grab from FB Page of Sta. Catalina College Elem Class Batch 1979

One by one men & women troop to room 1218 and as the sun sets the room was filled by gentlemen & ladies greeting each other with hugs & buzz on the cheek. I spent that evening with more than 20 other people whom I haven't seen in the last 40 years. Not that it mattered at all.

It has been four decades since most of us saw each other, my elementary classmates. As each approached one another, we reintroduced ourselves. Some have met each other before, through get together that had been organized to welcome classmates who came from other countries. Most of these classmates would initiate small gatherings to bring together our childhood classmates and friends.

The night was spent reminiscing about our childhood past. Pranks played about with other classmates, childhood games we engaged in, infantile agonies we experienced when unable to prepare our assignments or give the correct answer during recitations, recalled our first day in school, got all so mushy remembering first crushes and even felt the shame  all over again the first time you embarrassed yourself in front of the class. 

These childhood memories are best remembered with mixed emotions of joy, happiness, longing and even embarrassment. Our childhood brings forth strong emotions thus it draws strong memories too.

One of the most treasured keepsakes we hold dear to our hearts is our childhood memories. Remembering them somehow brings a smile and stirs a soft spot in our sometimes jaded heart. Childhood memories somehow stick a lifetime in our hearts.

We spent the night talking about our personal histories, our families, our works, even about problems and personal tragedies. It was like talking to a dear old friend as if the great divide of forty years did not separate us or even exist.

That special night holds a sacred bond amongst childhood friends. One realizes that what reinforces this bond is the innocence of our youth. 

We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. - Unknown

Have you reconnected with your childhood friends? It's a wonderful feeling to revisit our younger selves.

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Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time. God bless.



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