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Midlife is not the time to be afraid of the future, it is the time to get excited about the new prospects that life will bring.                  - Middle Life is Beautiful I am a proud midlife Mom! I have a usual desk job, but a few years back as I celebrated my golden year, I decided to live my life to the fullest.  For me to live my life to the fullest, is to be a brave soul and venture on other career paths, engage in new hobbies, go travel to other parts of the world that would add zest to my midlife years. I created my blog from scratch and started writing articles about a woman's journey in her midlife stage. I also created my YouTube Channel even though, I don't really know how to vlog and edit my own videos. I would watch videos over the internet on how to edit videos so I can improve and enhance my YT Channel.  Another challenge is how to have subscribers! I found a way on how one can multiply their subscribers and I want to share it with you also.


Traffic Blues

"Time stood still" is an apt description as one experienced traffic in the Philippines. I live outside of Metro Manila, but the traffic is the same as in EDSA. Everywhere there are diggings along the road, I am for improvement and development of infrastructure but I also wish that the areas to be dug had been studied further so that alternative routes can be taken that commuters can use.

High up in the of God's mysteries

Today I am 44 minutes late for work. But, I wasn't cranky or irritated. Usually, this heavy traffic ruins my day and left me out of sorts. What made this day different from other days, I am caught in traffic? Nothing really, in fact, it was even raining. I don't like rainy days, it makes me feel blue and somewhat lethargic. It makes me want to crawl back in bed and lampooned myself under the bed covers.

So what made this day differently? I decided to just enjoy the day, that simple. We usually complicate things by making mountains out of molehills. We want to make ourself angry about things we can not control. Chill, relax! Maybe once in a while, we can forget about being a slave of time. If like me, you are on the road to the other half of your life, let's take it slower. Let's not race with time. I'm not saying to be late for work or for appointments every single day! You can wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual so you can prepare for work and get out of the house early.

Today on my way to work, while praying the rosary, several thoughts intercepted through my mind. Problems not in drips but in buckets. As  I finger through the beads of my rosary, I am enlightened that this is what life is, it continues to roll and the time will arrive that it will come in full circle but now is not yet the time. Take one day at a time, no hurries, take time to breathe.

I recall days past when down with problems, I too succumbed to depression. Nothing makes me happy, my world is literally without color. Everything looks dark to me. I would peep out of the window and see the sun out shining but depression was eating me. But, my God, is a merciful God, he strengthened me. He did not leave me in that limbo instead he carried me out from the dark and brought me to the light. I remember not being able to pray because of the dark clouds encompassing me but I drew solace from God's promise that He will fight for me. Indeed, He fought for me and I'm standing here whole and complete because I am a child of God.

Traffic! Don't let it ruin your day, it can be a time of contemplation, a time of reminiscing or time for planning your other half of life!

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Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time. God bless.



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