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Singapore:Day 2 Kampong Glam, Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore

I was supposed to start the 2nd part of my Singapore trip last night but because of a lot of work at the office (making up for the days I was away from work), I was so tired when I arrived home. I'm missing Singapore already so I'd better start my blog right now!

Anyway, day 2 started earlier today. While Charmi was still sleeping, I sneaked out of bed and took a bath. The bathrooms at Meadows Hostel where we stayed were very clean but you have to bring along your own toiletries because they are not provided. No need to bring towels, they will provide it, and before I forget when we checked in, the receptionist gave us 2 free adapters. By the way, I booked our hostel via No credit card  or prepayment was required, I paid in cash at the hostel.

Adapter, compliments of Meadows Hostel
Guidelines for guests at meadows Hostel
Before taking a bath, I took my breakfast and I have the pantry by myself. The pantry has an overview of the sky rise buildings in Singapore and I was enjoying the sprinkling of rain. It was a beautiful morning, no hurries, no worries, just purely enjoying my vacation in peaceful bliss.

Our first agenda for day 2 is to visit Kampong Glam. Kampong Glam is a national heritage district in Singapore. It is located in the planning area of Rochor. Kampong means village while glam is derived from the Malay word "gelam" or cajeput tree.

We went to Masjid Sultan Mosque, it is located on Muscat Street. Muscat is the capital city of Oman. Masjid Sultan Mosque was built under the auspices of Sultan Hussain, the Sultan of Johor. This mosque was completed in 1826 and its architecture remain unchanged since that time except for minor renovations and an additional annex built in the 1990s.

Masjid Sultan Mosque is 10 minutes walk from Bugis MRT station.

The base of the gold onion dome is made up of used glass bottle ends that were donated by poor Muslims while the wealthy ones donated from their gold stashes as ordered by the Sultan.

At both ends of the street there are 2 - 8 meter high granite arches of ornate carvings welcoming visitors on either side of Muscat Street.

There is a pathway lined up with colorful murals. These murals symbolise the early maritime and trade connection between Singapore and Oman.

We waited for the Mosque to open at 10 a.m., so we went around the shops. We didn't bought anything yet at that time because we planned to shop on our last day.

At the background is a group of students on their field trip. We saw a lot of these group while we were in Singapore.
When the mosque opened, we were the first to enter it. At the entrance, the women were given abayas and the men loose trousers. An abaya is a loose robe like over garment worn by women. The Masjid Sultan Mosque has a massive prayer hall that can accomodate 5,000 Muslim faithfuls. Muslims follow strict times for prayers as shown by the digital clock at the entrance of the hall.

As you tour the mosque, you will experience the realms of the Islam religion.


Their Holy Scripture, Quran is on display and you can open it.

Our next stop is to Sentosa. We took a stroll along Palawan Beach, then headed to Merlion Sentosa and last to Universal Studios Singapore. Take note of the directions, this will help you not to get lost! From Bugis MRT, take the EW green line to Outram Park. Change line from green line to purple line (North East), that is from Outram to Harbour Front. Once in Harbour Front, take the Sentosa Express tram which is 4 SGD. Go to 3rd level of Vivo Mall where you can find the Sentosa Express. Alight at Beach Station, if you're planning to go to the beaches first.

Welcome committee pa, si Bruce Willis!

We went to Palawan Beach, there is no entrance fee but you'll be amazed how well kept the place is. It is a family oriented beach because there are amenities & show for kids. They have a park where children can frolic around and there is a free animal show conducted at the animal amphitheatre. That time the beach was not crowded and it was relaxing just to lie down and listen to the rolling waves of the sea.

Relaxing to the sounds of the sea

Hindi pa po nag sesecond chidhood, nag eenjoy lang po! ☺
From Palawan Beach, we then started to Sentosa Merlion.

View from the Sentosa Express Tram
The Sentosa Express Tram, ticket is at 4 SGD

Last stop is the Universal Studios Singapore, yay! A USS ticket for adults is at 76 SGD per person. At our hostel, they are selling it for 71 SGD only but we did not avail it anymore because we have to wait for 1 hour. The processing of the ticket online takes at least an hour and we can not wait anymore because of time constraint. 

At USS, even though there are notices that  say foods are not allowed, we were able to sneak in our burgers bought at McDonalds. I think, they don't really mind if you bring in food as long as it is place neatly inside your bags.

With Marilyn Monroe

With bumble bee

Waiting for Sentosa Express Tram
Nagkita din kami ng best friend kong si Hello Kitty! ☺

35 long minutes while queuing for this Mummy safari ride!
At long last nakasakay din ☺

What a wonderful feeling of being a kid once again! ❤

That made up our long 2nd day in Singapore. It was jam packed with a lot of activities, we were really very tired. Upon eating dinner at Lavender. We headed straight to our hostel, took a bath and off we went to dreamland. Zzzz.

Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time. God bless.



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