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Singapore: Day 3 Haji Lane, Jurong East and Bugis Street

This is the last of the 3 part series of my trip to Singapore. I intentionally divided my trip to 3 parts so I can share with you extensively my experiences while vacationing in Singapore. I wanted to give you readers a real glimpse of my vacation that's why I am including the cost of the expenses I incurred while on vacation. It is also to encourage those who are in quandary if they can afford to go on an international trip without breaking the bank. I want to share how we can enjoy our midlife years without splurging too much, how little we can spent a dime without sacrificing comfort and to enjoy immensely the whole trip.

On our last day, we went around Haji Lane because it is famous for its wall murals. We then travelled by train to Jurong East to shop at IMM Mall then to Bugis Street to finish all the shopping we need to do like buying souvenirs for my family and some personal items.

We had breakfast in this small cafe in Lavender, we ordered heavy breakfast to tide us up for the long walks we'll surely trekked that day.

The famous Laksa soup

Haji Lane is the hippiest area in Singapore. It houses a lot of colorful wall murals, you won't be able to help yourself and have several pictures taken while walking along this lane. Haji Lane is in the zone of Arab Street. From Lavender MRT station, take the EW 11 line and alight at Bugis Station EW 12/DT 14 which is just 4 minutes away. From there, walk your way to Arab Street and tucked in, that narrow street is the quaint Haji Lane.

Look how clean Haji Lane is!

From Haji Lane, we headed to Jurong East. Our target is the IMM Mall which is Singapore's largest outlet mall with more than 90 outlet stores offering up to 80% discount all year round. To get to Jurong East via MRT take the EW green line at Bugis Station, the MRT ride will take 23 minutes long. From the West gate at Jurong East EW line use the sheltered J-Walk link bridge to IMM Mall via Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Yes, you read it right there is a hospital linking the MRT station and IMM Mall. 

Sorry folks so haggarda here

We went back to Bugis to shop along Bugis Street. This is the equivalent of our Divisoria or the Ladies' Market in Hongkong. There are so many items to choose from, just be careful not to over extend your budget or you might spent more for over baggage! Bugis street is also home to different street foods, juice drinks and eateries serving different cuisines.

To Chinatown

Chocolates at 1SGD sold at Valudollar

So many types of Malay, Indian & Chinese cuisines to choose from

Hainese Chicken Rice

We had a great time in Singapore. Singapore or Singa Pura which means Lion City, is indeed a wonderful travel experience. Even Changi Airport is a feast for the eyes.

Restroom sa Changi Airport yan šŸ˜
Singapore is known as an expensive city so I included a breakdown of my expenses. See for yourself, how you can plan your trip and prepare your budget without leaving a big hole in your pockets.

I did not include the cost of my shopping expenses just insert to the grand total expense your budget for shopping. With only Php 13,420.00 you can enjoy 3 days and 3 nights vacation to Singapore which include airfare and travel tax. 

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Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time. God bless.

 Singapore Trip
Actual Expenses
Exchange Rate 1 SGD Php 39.21  as of July 17, 2018
Airfare  Php     2,666.67 via Cebu Pacific
Travel tax  Php 1,620.00
First Day  SGD   Php 
Singapore Tourist Pass - 3 days         38.00        1,489.98
Ground Transport Concierge for shuttle service           9.00           352.89
*Acomodations - Meadows Hostel (3 days/3 nights)         64.20         2,517.28
Meal - lunch           4.00           156.84
Coke in can (sharing for 2) 1.5           0.75              29.41
Meal - dinner           4.00           156.84
Coke in can (sharing for 2) 1.5           0.75              29.41
Total Day 1      120.70        4,732.65
Second Day                     -  
Meal            4.00           156.84
Coke in can (sharing for 2) 1.5           0.75              29.41
Mc Donalds - Mc chicken meal w/small coke           5.00           196.05
Adult Standard Day Pass for mono rail           4.00           156.84
Universal Studios Singapore Pass         76.00        2,979.96
Meal            4.00           156.84
Coke in can (sharing for 2) 1.5           0.75              29.41
Total Day 2         94.50        3,705.35
Third Day                     -  
Laksa meal           4.50           176.45
Tamarind juice           2.00              78.42
Mc Donalds - Double cheese meal w/coke           5.90           231.34
Meal - dinner           4.50           176.45
Coke in can (sharing for 2) 1.5           0.75              29.41
Total Day 3         17.65           692.06
Total Expenses  in Singapore      232.85        9,130.05
Airfare        2,666.67
Travel Tax        1,620.00
Grand Total Expense      13,416.72
* Accomodations at Meadows Hostel was booked via
   Accomodations at Meadows Hostel for 3 days & 3 nights cost 128.40 SGD, shared by 2 persons.
  No credit card or debit card was required at the time of booking                     -  
   No prepayment required                     -  
   Payment was paid in cash upon arrival at the hostel (w/receipt)                     -  
   10 SGD deposit was required ,refunded upon checkout

I have a referral code from, entitling the recipient to avail a 10% discount from accomodation booked, just send me an email if you are interested to avail it.


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