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How to Keep your Emotional Health in Good Shape

Is life worth fighting for? If you love someone, you fight for that love. If you want to retain your position in the company you're working for or you want to get a position in your company, you fight for it. If you want to hold on to your idealism, you fight for it to be recognized. If you want to buy a car, a house, anything you want, you fight for it by finding resources to purchase it. If we want something so badly, we do all we can to fight for it. Shouldn't we fight for our life too (which is more precious than any gem for God gave us this Life)?

CC Autumn happiness by Pablo Fernandez taken on Feb 5, 2014, Some Rights Reserved

Almost every day, as I browse through my social media, it is filled with news about depression, mental health and death because of depression. I would read of the struggles of celebrities, intelligent people, successful people, ordinary people with depression. In the news, two weeks ago, the Mental Health Bill was passed into law under RA 11036.

I have interviewed several psychology students and based from their studies one of the root cause of depression is due to family problems like separation of parents or non-acceptance of parents of their child's inefficiency and this lead the distraught family member to use drugs or prohibited substances. In their unstable moments, they wish for death as if this is the only way they can escape from the inner turmoil haunting them. These lost souls express their desire too to be able to return to the fold of their family. What they need is love and acceptance of their family. My research left a hole in my heart, I feel pity for them and it validates the importance of the love and support of a family member to each other.

Before a person reaches the stage of severe depression that may lead to taking one's own life, it is important that we take care of our emotional health. Emotional health or mental health refers to the general psychological well-being of a person. It pertains to how you feel about yourself, your relationships and how one is able to manage his feelings and cope up with hardships & difficulties. A person is emotionally healthy if he can control his emotions and actions. An emotionally healthy person is able to deal with life's challenges and he is able to recover from any setbacks in his life.

An emotionally healthy person is ruled by positive characteristics. He keeps his emotions in check. He sees the positive side of every adversity or unfortunate incident. He feels disappointments, sadness, grief, heartbreak but he rises above these tribulations. If you are happy and content, you are able to manage stress better because you are aware of your emotions so you strive to ward off any negative feelings.

What are the ways to keep your emotional health in good shape?

  •  Eat a well- balanced diet - our brain needs adequate nutrients. If you are physically healthy then you'll be emotionally healthy as well.
  •  Exercise - or engage in any kind of physical activities that will keep you moving. When we exercise our body releases endorphins, a hormone that makes you happy and feels good about yourself.
  • Engage in any hobby - a hobby challenges our creativity plus our mind gets busy pursuing other interests it wards off negative thoughts & feelings.
  •  Connect with people - do not isolate yourself. Be with people who have a positive outlook in life and you'll think & see things in a positive way as they do. Veer away from negative people because you'll act & feel the same way as them.
  • Take leisure time - have time to enjoy yourself. Watch a movie, go for long walks, read a book, take a day off from work, do anything you want to do for no other reason but to enjoy yourself.
  • Take time for contemplation - meditate, recall your blessings, pray. Prayers is an important activity in our life. It is through prayers that we communicate with God. He alone can understand the deepest of our souls. He alone can heal us. "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. - Psalm 34:18"
Emotional health is part of our overall health. If you think that you feel hopeless, worthless, anxious, have not been sleeping for several days, seek help from a doctor. Confide to your loved ones or your friend, they will help you.

If you know someone who is in need of emotional assistance please let them know that someone can help them. You may contact the 24-hour HOPELINE at 02 804 4673 or 0917 558 4673

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Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time. God bless.



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