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"Love is like a Butterfly"

I was in Sunny Bay Station in HongKong waiting for the train to transfer to Disneyland Resort line when I saw a brown butterfly hovering around me. Flitting to and fro, when it just popped in my head to say to that butterfly, "Daddy if that's you, please come to me, touch me". Then that brown butterfly came flying towards me and landed gently on my left leg. I teared up a bit and suffice to say I miss my father very much. That butterfly stayed right there in my leg until the train arrived and I have to board that train. I told hubby, "look, Daddy is here, maybe he's happy that I'm here in another country for a vacation and not to work".

Maybe, some of you are wondering, what has that butterfly got to do with my father who is obviously resting in peace. You see in our family we somehow associate the brown butterfly with my long reposed father. During his burial, we saw a brown butterfly hovering by and my mother said: that's your Daddy. So after that whenever we would see a brown butterfly, we would say Daddy's here. True enough, in every facet of my life, a brown butterfly would appear. I remember, looking outside our home from our settee, in stormy contemplation, a brown butterfly flitted across my line of vision. Somehow, I felt relieved, knowing my father was there beside me, trying to guide me as I traversed the road of life. I was working abroad, I became very ill but I still have to go to work and in my work area a butterfly zoomed in from nowhere and I just knew my Daddy was there watching over me. Oh, I miss him! My father in person looks very stern, so people were wary of him. He was a disciplinarian, a perfectionist that even a simple task of pasting pictures in photo albums, he needs a ruler & pencil because he has to measure the width & length of the picture before finally pasting it in the surface. Growing up, I was afraid of him, I don't want to incur his ire so I tried my best to be a good daughter. When I had a family of my own, it was only then I fully understood him, the sacrifices he did for our family, the great love he has for our mother and us his children which extends even to our own individual families. Daddy was the one who instilled in me to stand for what I believe in even if it means standing alone.

Like the brown butterfly, my father was brown skinned, as a butterfly flits to and fro from one flower to another, my father has been flitting to and fro from us his children, maybe seeing to it that we're alright. Male butterflies continuously fly around his territory, which spans about 350 feet across to keep out other males. That's my Daddy, he continuously flies around us his children to continue to guide and protect us. Talking about love that transcends even death, my father's love for us is eternal, we love him and will protect his name just as he fights for us.

Middle life is beautiful.

Till next time, God bless!



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