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My Taiwan Blogventure: P 15,840 All-In Budget

* Youtube video included; See below at the end of this blog post.
It's better to see something once, than hear to hear about it a thousand times. - Asian Proverb

Big smile as I arrived at Taoyuan Airport

Taiwan is still visa-free for Filipino passport holders up to July 2020. My immigration experience, was quite a breeze, the only question, the I.O.  asked me was where I am working. I only showed my passport and airline ticket and that's it, I'm on my way to my assigned boarding gate at NAIA's Terminal 3.
I only have a carry-on bag and my shoulder bag. I made sure that both bags weigh, 7kgs only. It is summer now in Taiwan, so I only have to bring light clothes and basic essentials with me. I only use my I-phone to take photos and videos for my blog and Youtube.
Wifi is free and the signal was strong all throughout the hostel. Outside of the hostel, generally, there is free wifi, which, I happily avail. If, makakapaghintay pa naman, maybe you can just wait till you get t…


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