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How to Give Yourself a Facial Massage At Home for Beginners?

"Because facials are more relaxing than flowers" - Author unknown

How would you like to be pampered for a day or even a couple of times a week without spending a big amount of money in the spa?

I would like to share with you how I do my facial massage right in the comfort of my home and enjoy the benefits of having a facial massage.

I am not a massage therapist or a skin care specialist. I just want to share with you how I do my facial massage which I've learned from various videos I watched over the internet. 

I do my facial massage by using my knuckles instead of my fingertips. By using one's knuckles to do your face massage, these apply more pressure to the face thus it promotes more blood circulation and lymphatic flow. A deeper stimulation of the facial tissues enhances the production of collagen.

Lymph (from Latin, lympha meaning "water") is the fluid that flows through the lymphatic system, a system composed of lymph vessels (channels) and intervening lym…


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